eGrain” was developed to serve as a tool, a utility, to enhance and improve the trading of grains, oilseeds and special crops in Western Canada. It was developed to be completely neutral in nature favouring neither, the farmer, or the buyer.

“eGrain” offers all of the necessary utilities for a producer to offer his production by defining delivery period, price expectations, trucking requirements, while giving quality assurances to prospective buyers. Once an offer has been accepted it is confirmed by a binding contract that defines the price, FOB point, quantity, quality, discounts if applicable and payment terms. This fully audited digital instrument binds the agreement.

“eGrain” offers Buyers the ability to negotiate upon a Producer’s production by selecting the delivery period, the price, the quality and the quantity he needs to fill commitments. A producer accepting a buyers bid is assured of payment through pre-qualification of all buyers by eGrainCanada.com.

“eGrain” is complimented by a logistics web service (www.egrainCanada.com/logistics) as way to move the product to market at rates which are the lowest available as determined by a bidding process with qualified carriers.

The system was developed by leveraging decades of experience within the grain trade as guide in function and utility. We are confident even the most novice of computer users can easily utilise our service to greatly enhance their marketing objectives.

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